Once your active orthodontic treatment is complete and your teeth and bite are in alignment, you enter the retention phase of treatment. What? More treatment? Not exactly! You will though be using a retainer, as you retain (or hold) your teeth in their new positions. Teeth have a tendency to want to move back to their original positions, so it's important that you follow Dr. Baker's and Dr. Tadej's instructions to keep your smile beautiful and bite in place!

Patients are typically given an upper removable retainer and a lower fixed retainer. The upper retainer is worn full time for the first few months, and then patients go to nighttime wear. Retainer image

Customize to fit your personality

Our office works with a local dental lab to bring you the coolest retainers out there! Add sparkles, a photo you love, have it glow in the dark, or add your favorite sports team to show your team spirit. Ask us for more details when discussing your treatment plan so we can find you the retainer that reflects your personality best!

A little more information on Retainers
  • Retainers “retain” or hold the teeth in the desired position achieved with braces.
  • Tadej Orthodontics uses traditional acrylic and wire appliances, or clear plastic retainers custom molded to your teeth, on the the upper teeth.
  • Retainers MUST be worn regularly to prevent teeth from moving back to their original position.
Caring for your Retainers
  • Keep your retainers in a cool, dry place when not in your mouth.
  • NEVER wrap them in Kleenex or a napkin, it is likely you will lose them or throw them in the trash.
  • Watch out for pets! They love to eat retainers!
  • ALWAYS remove your appliance to eat, drink, and brush your teeth before placing them back in your mouth
  • Keep them out of sunlight or heat, as they can become warped.
  • Rinse your retainers in cool water and brush them with a toothbrush and tooth paste to keep them as clean as possible.
  • NEVER soak retainers in mouthwash or peroxide, and never expose them to hot water.

Vivera retainer package image

Vivera Retainers

Unlike ordinary retainers that use metal wires to keep your teeth in their final position, Vivera is made by Invisalignand uses four custom made, clear retainers to keep your teeth straight. So what makes Vivera stand out from the rest? Here are a few of the benefits of using Vivera:

  • Superior Strength - Vivera has been proven to be 30% stronger than other clear retainers
  • Customizable - These clear retainers are made just for your teeth and therefore provide a strong, firm grip after treatment
  • Clean & Clear - While most clear retainers can get dirty over time, Vivera provides you with four customized sets so you can switch every few months after treatment
  • Comfortable - Vivera is made with the same technology as Invisalign providing comfort after treatment without wires

Vivera retainer image Our iOC 3 D Dental Teeth Scanner is used to make Vivera Retainers - that means no traditional gooey impressions! It also means if you ever need to replace the Vivera Retainers, the scan is stored, and you can just call us to order another set. If you are interested in using Vivera Retainers after your orthodontic treatment has ended, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Our doctors will discuss the best retention options available for you that will be both comfortable and accommodating to your needs. Bonded retainer image

Bonded Retainers
  • We generally use bonded retainers on the lower teeth.
  • The wire should stay in forever.
  • Be sure to brush around it and use a floss threader or "super floss" to clean between the front bottom teeth.
Lost or Broken Retainers

If there is ever a question of how the retainer is fitting or if it is lost or broken, we recommend that you call the office as soon as possible. We will need to make an appointment to replace or repair the retainer(s). If possible, locate the retainer and bring it with you. If it is broken bring all of the pieces in, since it may be able to be repaired. In some cases adjustments can be made at the same appointment. Prompt action can prevent any shifting and help maintain a beautiful smile. A replacement or repair fee may apply.