Digital Technology

Our Orthodontists, Dr. Gerald Tadej and Dr. Kyle Baker, take pride in being able to provide their patients with the latest in orthodontic technology to make treatment more comfortable and efficient.  With the iOC digital scanner, they are able to digitally capture the exact contours of your teeth by simply waiving a wand over them. The days of messy goop for traditional impressions is a thing of the past. Digital impressions are the most effective way to place orthodontic braces on our patients’ teeth and to create the virtual treatment plan for Invisalign aligners. It helps us to accurately see where the tooth movement needs to be and help us achieve this movement before even placing braces on our patients or before the aligners are manufactured, resulting in less actual time wearing braces and fewer office visits.

Benefits of 3D Teeth Scanning Technology:
  • NO MESSY IMPRESSIONS NEEDED, the mushy goop and uncomfortable gagging that comes with traditional impressions for both braces and Invisalign, is no longer an issue with iOC.
  • DIGITALLY PERFECT, due to laser and optical scanning we’re able to see a perfect impression of all angles of your teeth to better plan your orthodontic treatment.
  • INSTANT ONSCREEN VISUALIZATION, allows our doctors to review your teeth directly after the digital impression is taken. They are able to create the ideal orthodontic scan the first time.
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE, the easiest procedure in orthodontic care, you lay back, relax and we do all the work. Only taking a few minutes to complete our digital scans are easy and painless.